October 2, 2016

Sarah Than


Throughout my life, I have always been very active. I played basketball, track and field, and swimming in school. From the sports that I played, I was always injuring myself. It was not until one of my track meets when I completely injured my ankle that made me realize that I should be taking care of my body better. I started doing yoga and found out that I was healing my body all over, inside out, bones to skin, nails to hair. At first, I didn’t like the class because it left me drenched and aching in my own pool of sweat. But it was clear that I felt more energized and rejuvenated after every class. My inspirations are the people in class who have survived fatal accidents, survived medical conditions, been mentally drained by stress, are advanced in age, or anyone who wants to have a fresh start in their life and are not giving up. I finished the Teacher Training in Fall of 2015. I became a Bikram Yoga teacher because I want to share the pains and pleasures of yoga to everyone.