December 6, 2015

New Students

If you are new to our studio, please follow these three easy steps.

Step 1: Create a free online Profile account( waiver)

Create a free account at our partner site Mindbody Online.
With this account, you can:

  1.  Check your remaining class balance/expiration date.
  2. Reserve your spot for classes and events.
  3. Buy memberships and other services online.

New Student register now and create online profile account and avoid filling a paper form at the studio.

If you are a new students and live local you can get a 1 free trial class, if you like a class then you can buy our intro special same day .Email confirmation will be sent. And then you can start booking your classes.

Create Account

Step 2: Pack your yoga bag

Remember to get the following:

A good yoga mat which is non slippery on Harwood floor
(preferably buy at studio for $40 )

A good yoga mat cushions your joints during floor poses, provides stability, and does not slip.

A large towel
(should cover your mat, optional: you can buy at studio for $25)

The towel absorbs sweat, and prevents you from slipping on a wet yoga mat.

waterbottle A large water bottle, optional buy at studio for $20
(at least 32 oz)

It is important to hydrate yourself before, during, and after class to replenish fluids lost during the class.

If you don’t have all these for your first class, it is ok. You can always rent yoga mats and towels at the studio. We also carry high-quality yoga apparel, mats, towels, bottled water, waterflasks (insulated metal water bottle) that you can purchase at the studio.

Step 3: At the studio

Get here early

Arriving 15-20 minutes before class starts will give you time to get oriented to the studio, talk to the teacher, and get a good spot in the hot room.

Tell the teacher you are new

They will give you a tour of the studio, and if you are new to yoga, they will help you pick a good spot to place your mat, and guide you during the class.

Don’t leave the room

Your body needs a few classes to adjust to the heat. Sit or lie down on your mat whenever you feel like it. But, try your best not to leave the room.

Changing into your yoga clothes

Separate Men and women changing rooms with separate showers and restrooms .

Where to put your stuff

We offer cubbies and lockers for you to leave belongings.Bring your own locks . No shoes or phones will be allowed in the practice space.Please No Glass bottle.

Yoga mat alignment

Align the top end of your yoga mat with the the white lines on the floor. This will ensure you are properly staggered with your neighbors so everyone can see themselves in the mirror.

Rental towels and mats are for $3each

If you used rental towels, please dump them inside the bins marked for used towels just outside the yoga room. Similarly, place used rental yoga mats into the plastic bin marked for them.

Clean up after yourself

Please clean up the floor around your mat before leaving. We provide complimentary small towels.

Leaving class early

If you must leave early, please leave the room as quietly(When student lying down ) as possible after the standing series. This is to ensure least disturbance to the class.Let the teacher know before the class. Also stay close to the door .