Rajashree Seminar: Dec 2016

On Dec 3, we were honored to host a seminar by Rajashree at our sister studio, Sagar Yoga Santa Clara. Rajashree is a five-time winner of the All-­India Yoga Championship. She is a co-founder of Sagar Yoga and the USA Yoga Competition. She brings years of experience and a feminine perspective to her teaching of Sagar Yoga. Don’t miss this very special event!

We had over 70 students from our studio and our sister studio attending the seminar. Rajashree led us through an emotional meditation experience where she encouraged us to connect with our inner child. She then talked about the role of yoga in our modern lives and answered many questions from students. This was followed by a Master Bikram class. It was a unique experience to practice Bikram yoga in such a packed class. Rajashree skillfully managed the class, the heat, the humidity, all while keeping an uplifting and often funny dialogue. Finally, everyone enjoyed a grand Indian lunch outdoors.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered.