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History of yoga(20 hours)
Yoga Anatomy (40 hours)
Pranayama: The Art of Breathing (20 hours)
Meditation: Yoga Nidra (20 hours)
Naturopathy: The science of natural healing (30 hours)
Bandhas and Mudras (30 hours)
Chakras: The seven energy centers (20 hours)

Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance 200 hours RYT Certificate
Go to Hot Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr)

Hot Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr)

Best Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Internationally acclaimed Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certificate. Each Teacher Training Student Yoga Poses video recorded.

Get to learn more about yoga and yourself by taking a certified teacher training in yoga, breathing, and meditation .


World Renowed Highy experienced Faculty

Kinjal Maru

Dialogue Director RYT 200 Hours
Kinjal is very dedicated and regular practice of yoga . She is a fitness freak and very positive person . She is always ready to take on challenges.

Eszter Dune

Teacher Training Registrar RYT 200 hours
Eszter Dune just finds to get into Yoga Pose. Her passion is to always do Yoga poses .

Celeste Banaag

Yoga Posture Director RYT 200
Celeste has a magic . She is very good in getting upside down. She lead teaching inversion seminar. She teaches how to to do handstand and head stand . Prior to starting yoga, I was a martial artist. I started with a traditional style of Tae Kwon Do. After earning my black belt I branched out to other styles. I trained in both Inayan Eskrima and Sanshou which I practiced religiously and eventually started teaching. After a decade and a half of martial arts, it was time to try something new. I started Bikram yoga and discovered the beauty of stillness and simple movements. This spurred a renewed fascination with functional movement that led me to explore other avenues to develop flexibility, strength and balance. This landed me in my first aerial acrobatics class. The balance, strength and body awareness learned through my yoga practice helped me advance quickly, eventually leading me down the path to becoming a teacher. In addition to teaching yoga, I also teach pole fitness and aerial hoop classes.

Chavi Kanwal

Vice President and HR
She is Sweet and so adorable . Her energy just flows to her surroundings. Her Aura is so much full of happiness and vitality. Ready to take new challenge anytime . Great Human being .

Yoga Alliance accredited "SAGAR YOGA ACADEMY" with (RYS 200) Registered YOGA School 200 Hr . Become Yoga Teacher and share your passion and love to society.